“We are the leading providers of technology-based solutions for tenant application processing and background screening.”

Introducing TenantEvaluation the free, secure, virtual assistant that completely on-boards residents from beginning to end.  We customize document collection, collect electronic signatures, screen applicants and even collect deposits! Property managers will have access to all the applicant’s information needed to make an informed decision.


Customized to your needs

  • Convert your entire application and association documents online
  • Collect any association fees online eliminating the invoicing process
  • Create mandatory fields for the applicant to review and electronically sign
  • Conduct instant, in-depth background screening on each applicant
  • Conveniently store your files on our cloud
  • Compile all documents required to approve or deny applicants based on your criteria
why tenant

We Set Out to Revolutionize The Industry By:

Accessing the nation’s largest instant criminal database with 430 million + records

Customizing our background screening and application processing with bank-level encryption

User-friendly applications simplify the process and minimize the risk

The most comprehensive and largest nationwide list of databases

We have created a strategic platform that allows us to provide our clients with instant nationwide background and international checks. Not only do we have the most comprehensive and the largest nationwide list of databases-statewide, federally, and internationally, but also all requisitions for searches can be done 100% electronically while guaranteeing maximum privacy. Our turnaround time can range from one hour to a day to receive reports.