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With our core focus on Innovation & Security , we are the leading providers of technology-based solutions in the realm of digital onboarding.
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Property Management Companies
From document collection to digitizing your rules and regulations, let us handle the tenant screening process for you.
Property Managers
Utilize a highly intuitive Manager Dashboard to track applications and approve them as needed.
Board Members
Create a hierarchy of Voters and Deciders to ensure the approval process of your board is upheld on our platform.
Save time and take advantage of a truly digital platform that will help you get closer to your dream home.

Step into the Future of Digital Onboarding

In 2007, Tenant Evaluation began with a simple goal in mind.

We set out to develop software-based solutions that remedy the intense and often vigorous labor involved with onboarding new residents.

If we could create an automated platform that would eliminate hours spent on onboarding a single resident, our clients would breathe easy knowing the most taxing aspect of their operations had been lifted off their shoulders.

And create we did!

Harnessing machine-learning A.I driven technology; our platform sets a new standard in the field of digital onboarding.

Of course, Convenience was not our only goal.

Security, our most valued asset, ensures both community and application data is kept secure within the highest levels of encryption available; PCI level 1 Compliance.

Over fifteen years later, across 50,000 communities and growing, Tenant Evaluation continues to evolve, engineered to stay above and beyond the latest technological innovations.

Join our flourishing client base and let us take you into the modern age.

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