Receive Rental Payment on Time, Every Time

One thing about passive income: it’s not always passive. When mortgages rear their ugly head, and the rental payment is “mysteriously” absent, your blood pressure rises and your bank account plummets. As a landlord, you need to act fast when something falls out of place, but it’s not always easy since so many of us […]

Rental Property Management: The Skinny on Tax Deductions

Get the skinny on rental property management tax deductions to maximize profit and stack that paper. By the way, this is for investment property, not your primary residence. That’s something else entirely in the jungle of tax returns, as far as this post is concerned anyway. That said, are tax deductions less than enthralling? Yes. […]

3 Foolproof Steps To Crush Tenant Screening

You’re a landlord—maybe even a landowner. You’re living the American dream. A passive income on the horizon promises a brighter future, one filled with cash and not stress, minimal work (minimal tenant screening) and maximum return. It seems simple enough. Buy a property, rent it out, and let the money pour in. Well, we’re sorry […]

Reading A Tenant Background Check Beyond Credit Score

Tenant background check. For most landlords, property management companies, and time-pressed realtors, it boils down to one simple thing: credit. Is it good? Is it bad? Approved or denied. In reality, credit is of course incredibly important, but it is hardly the only contributing factor to determining if a tenant is fit to handle what […]