Survival Kit for Property Managers: Expert Tips for Success

Maintaining and managing properties is not an easy job. Between preparing contracts, keeping records, and fixing property damage, things can get quite hectic. This is why we’re prepared the top simple and effective hacks you can use to help you manage your time and properties. Wearing Multiple Hats When managing properties, prepare to have other responsibilities other […]

Can Rental Management Services Raise Rent?

What, really, are the rules behind raising rent? Stories routinely circulate in the news concerning rental management services, skyrocketing rental rates, and testy tenants fighting back. Unfortunately for renters and fortunately for landlords, the laws in place regarding rental increases are, well, minimal. In fact, excluding rent-controlled apartment considering the very small minority they represent […]

3 Tips You Need For Free Online Rental Applications

The revolution of free online rental applications is upon us. With more online tools, more online information, and more online technology available than ever before, it pays to move online. Literally. It puts more money in your pocket, more time on the clock, and more properties in your possession. That said, it’s important to remember […]

Receive Rental Payment on Time, Every Time

One thing about passive income: it’s not always passive. When mortgages rear their ugly head, and the rental payment is “mysteriously” absent, your blood pressure rises and your bank account plummets. As a landlord, you need to act fast when something falls out of place, but it’s not always easy since so many of us […]