Best Tenant Screening Service: Why TenantEvaluation

Posted on June 11, 2019

There are so many self-proclaimed “best tenant screening services” out there, but which service truly trumps the rest? Which tenant screening service offers the best bang for your buck, the most comprehensive, accurate, extensive, timely, customer service-supported reports you can not only trust but actually use?

Simple, TenantEvaluation. However, rather than just say so without evidence, we’ll give you a true run-down of just why that is, and provide comparisons so you understand for yourself.

That said, tenant screening services essentially boils down to five main components: price, security, ease of use, credibility, and extensiveness. Let’s take it from the top:


This one’s easy. It’s free, for landlords and brokers. The vast majority of services cost you money to run your tenant screening. Services like tenant background search ($19.95), ($24.95), ($45.00/month), American-apartment-owners-association ($19.95).

We’re free, seriously.


TenantEvaluation is a level one PCI compliant company, the same level of compliance banks have. That means all personal information is stored with the same level of encryption as bank security. Additionally, TenantEvaluation must pass yearly on-site reviews by an internal auditory and an external scan from an approved vendor. See more of what it takes to be PCI compliant and what that means here.

Additionally, we mask all personal sensitive information in reports we generate to ensure no information gets into the wrong hands. Masked information includes a tenant’s social security number, date of birth, and passport information among other sensitive information. No other company, not Cozy, MySmartMove, LandlordStation, or Turbo Tenant ensures the same security we do.

TenantEvaluation has screened, processed, and onboard 3.7 million tenant applications since 2007, and not a single one has suffered identity theft. Rest easy. We have your back.

Ease of Use

Throw paper (not caution) to the wind. Totally online. Completely digital. Handle one or a hundred tenants all in one convenient and intuitive dashboard. Approve or deny tenants with our trusted recommendation after looking for yourself at all credit, background, and rental history.

Invite tenants to apply in literally two clicks. Get a notification the minute the application is finished and get the instant report only minutes later. There is no easier tenant screening service, which is just another reason why we’re the best tenant screening service.


Did we mention we’re level one PCI compliant? Did we mention we’ve already processed 3.7 million tenant applications for major property management companies? TenantEvaluation brings together decades of property management experience to form to simplest, most effective, most secure tenant screening solution on the planet.

We’re not the new kids on the block, a fact clearly reflected in our professionalism and intuitive interface. We take your security very seriously. That’s why we’re still around and why we’re not going anywhere.


TenantEvaluation is easily the most comprehensive tenant screening service/onboarding solution available. It pulls criminal history from every single state, unlike MySmartMove, unlike Cozy, unlike nearly every other service available.

It even pulls evictions history, rental history in general, and credit history for every single report. Other services may give you credit and rental history. Or credit and criminal history. Or just background history. No other report gives you all of them, all the time, for FREE. Just TenantEvaluation.

TenantEvaluation provides all this information to ensure landlords and brokers are equipped to properly protect their property, their investment, and their livelihood. Start securing today here.